Tooth Pain

When you have pain in your tooth or mouth, the experts as WisNova Innovative Dental Specialists can help. Dental decay, infections, and injury are causes of tooth pain that all of our dental specialists can solve today. Patients should call our office or schedule online at the first signs of pain to prevent complications.

Tooth Pain FAQs

What causes tooth pain?

Tooth pain occurs when the nerve in your tooth or surrounding a tooth is inflamed, infected, or irritated. Causes of such irritation include bacterial infections, decay, tooth loss, or injury.

Your tooth pain can be dull and aching or sharp and aggressive. Tooth pain may only show up when you chew or may be constant. You can feel pain when just one tooth radiates into the jaw and/or the sinuses and ears. Sometimes jaw pain feels like a toothache but really involves this joint.

In some cases, sinusitis or other issues with the ear, nose, and throat can feel like tooth pain. The doctors can determine the real cause of your pain and help you get the proper care needed.

What symptoms of tooth pain suggest I should see a professional?

Toothaches are common and it’s not always clear if you should seek professional care. But, if you have the following, please call our dental specialists at WisNova:

  • Pain while chewing
  • Bleeding or pus coming from around a tooth or gums
  • Hot and cold sensitivity
  • Swelling around a tooth or in your jaw
  • Injury or trauma to a tooth or your mouth

These symptoms may suggest decay, fracture, or gum disease. If you can’t find relief from over-the-counter drugs, or you find yourself taking them regularly for days, or have swelling of the face – call our office to make an appointment.

*When wisdom teeth are erupting, you may also feel pain in the very back of your mouth.

How is tooth pain treated?

Treatment of your tooth pain depends on the cause. The doctors at WisNova  evaluate your mouth with a physical exam and X-rays to determine your issue. The practice has oral surgeons, endodontists and periodontists in office and can provide emergency extractions and/or emergency root canals if necessary.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, call WisNova Institute of Dental Specialists for an appointment or request one online today.